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Our workshops and webinars will change your relationship with food and feeding kids for the better.

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Our Happy, Healthy Workshop Participants

Deb was detailed in her information listened closely to individual questions and answered to the different situations. Thank you for a wonderful new insight to my child’s world & understanding with food.

Kate, Parent, Hendra, November 2019

The workshop really made me stop and think about what we could do to make mealtime a more positive experience for our family. I left the workshop so excited. I really feel like I now have a much better understanding of how to approach different meal situations. After the workshop I feel so much more confident and relaxed about it all. THANK YOU!!

Lindsey, Parent, Mitchelton, March 2018

This workshop was amazing. A totally different perspective to what we have been doing. Fantastic strategies to try. Parent vs. child responsibilities. Focus on the foundations around mealtimes before trying new or disliked foods. Amazing! We will book again for another group workshop.

Paige, Co-ordinator, Bayside Lytton MyTime Playgroup, November 2019

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We answer the tricky questions about how to feed the children in your life. Our Dietitian facilitators understand the struggles of feeding kids and are committed to making every day feeding easier.

Expect to get answers to these kinds of questions at our workshops for parents, or your group or organisation:

  1. How do I get kids to eat their veggies?
  2. What about kids who want to snack all day? Is that bad?
  3. My doctor has told me to feed my child “healthy” foods. Am I doing the right thing?
  4. I’m worried about an overweight or underweight child. What can I do?
  5. How do I stop kids from wanting “junk” food all the time?
  6. How do I help kids learn to like healthy foods?
  7. What about children who never want to eat. What do I do?
  8. My kid always wants to eat. What do I do?
  9. My child is very particular about food. Is this a sensory issue? How can I help them?
  10. I’ve had my own issues with food. Will that affect my kids or the kids in my care?

Are you ready to get feeding and meal times back on track?

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